The Logoshow

When it’s thrust onstage, even the shiest Logozoan may exhibit unsuspected theatrical talents. Never underestimate the magical stimulus of the footlights. Come on in to see these animated Logozoa perform feats of logomotion and verballet.


Audley End Pavan
Images and Animation by Peter Howard
(June 2006)

This stately dance is performed by moving your mouse gradually toward the center of the Manor House.

Main Street Rain
Images and Animation by Robert Kendall
(Sept. 2006)

It’s generally not a good idea to take photographs through your windshield while driving in heavy rain with your wipers off, but the process yields interesting results. It reminds us that weather is the original graphical filter.

Mating Ritual
Images and Animation by Dan Schultz
(Oct. 2006)

The rarely witnessed Logozoan mating process captured on video. Note the word spelled out by the new family.

Logo Zoa Nu Delta
Images and Animation by Aaron Rosado
(Nov. 2006)

Take some Logozoa for a spin around the fraternity house.

Washed Away
Images, Animation, and Audio by Peter Howard
(Mar. 2007)

Great patience is required for an understanding of this Logozoan.

Look! Up in the Sky!
Images and Animation by Raymond Ma
(Jan. 2008)

Watch the sky change gradually from night to day and back again behind this Logozoan (It's a bird! It's a plane) affixed to a skylight in the Phi Kappa Sigma weight room.

A Day in the Life
Images and Animation by Raymond Ma
(Jan. 2008)

This Logozoan was installed as Windows wallpaper on a public computer in the Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity House.

Logozoa at Wellesley
Images and Animation by Kristopher Dos Santos
(Jan. 2008)

Help the Logozoa take over Wellesley College.