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Fill in the fields below to specify the types of Logozoa you wish to adopt. Press the “Adopt” button to create a PDF file containing your Logozoa. In your browser's File menu, select “Save As” to save your file for printing.

Enter any words to help determine the content of your adopted texts. For example, entering “happiness” or “the meaning of life” will bring you Logozoa with something to say on those topics.



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Select from the list of habitats to adopt Logozoa that might appropriately reside there. (Choose as many options as you like.)

Logozoa will happily inhabit nearly any spot. Their metaphors tend to seek out correspondences in the literal, however. Hence you may find a figurative image of entry or departure attaching itself to the front door. Metaphors are fluid and slippery, so the relationships suggested by this list can be starting points for your own imagination. Logozoa are always eager to find unexpected, subtle connections with the things of the world.


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Select the species you want. (Choose as many as you like.)

There are eight species of Logozoa, represented by the concepts in this list. If you wish to limit your adopted texts to any of these concepts, select them here. The species often overlap and interbreed, so a single text may relate to two concepts. If you make no selections, your Logozoa will be drawn from all eight species.

Endangered Logozoa Only

Check this to select only Logozoa that are not currently preserved in the Logozoo.